The UCJC launches an original preuniversity summer course featuring Humanities, Sciences and Technology

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) will begin to offer a preuniversity course entitled Humanities, Science and Technology (HST) from 29 June to 13 July. This course  responds to a world immersed in a process of major change and is the UCJC proposal for a generation that has to face these changes.

This course is based on the idea that the increasing pace of emerging technology affects our fundamental experience of humanity. The newly emerging instantaneous nature of communications, for example, means upcoming generations will have a different concept of time and space to that of their parents or grandparents. Likewise, systems for compiling users’ information online are radically transforming our concept of privacy. The same can be said for the classical concepts of progress, war, culture, politics, work or knowledge.

New technology is creating new humans But these new humans will be, at the same time, creators of a new science and the drivers behind the development of new technology. Coming generations, entirely digital in their outlook, will have to decide where they will take robotics, environmental research or the exploration of outer space. It is very likely, for example, that today’s adolescents believe that progress in communications technology is a greater priority than man reaching Mars, or that developing a good app will bring more benefits than the creation of a robot as was the dream of science fiction for decades. Next generation science and technology will emerge from the mind of the next generation of humans.

This belief in the  cross-cutting nature of the future is the raison d’etre of this  Humanities, Science and Technology course given by UCJC. Living by the motto  “Think, Create, Discover”, students will tackle the different aspects of what will be their world.

The lessons given under the motto “Think” will help them understand some of the major conceptual changes facing their generation. The workshops given under “Create” will enable them to develop skills related to technology and creativity in a practical and fun way. And lastly, visits by industry-recognised professionals and master-classes in the “Discover” block will give students a chance to get to know the most innovative initiatives that blend Humanities, Science and Technology.

The course will be  complemented by cultural and sporting activities at the Camilo José Cela University Madrid-Villafranca campus. Humanities, Science and Technology is, in summary, a great opportunity to acquire the tools and skills that will set students apart from their entire generation.

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