SEK-El Castillo takes 2nd place at the 1st CICAE Debate Tournament (second phase)

SEK International School El Castillo has taken second place in the second phase of the 1st CICAE National Debate Tournament held at Colegio Lope de Vega de Benidorm on 11 and 12 February. Year 4 ESO student A Cortes won first place in the individual oratory category and 4th and 5th places were taken in the overall team category. Therefore our school will have 3 teams taking part in the final phase to be held in April at Camilo José Cela University.

The school prepares students with weekly oratory activities since Primary School. Viewed as one of the most important skills for the 21st century, oratory enables students to transmit an idea or project, listen to others and incorporate their arguments.  Communicating effectively requires discipline and moderating tone of voice, body posture, timing, showing interest in their chosen topic and the language used.

At our school, learning to speak in public helps students to improve their communication skills and boosts their self-confidence. In addition, and thanks to oratory, they are able to develop other important skills such as learning organisation, debating, arguing and defending their ideas. Leadership and persuasion are also learnt.

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