The international expert in education, Marc Prensky, hosts a workshop with UCJC teachers

Marc Prensky, author and international expert in education innovation, has visited SEK Educational Group today to give a workshop to teachers from the Camilo José Cela University School of Education. This latest visit by Marc Prensky to UCJC is part of the SEK educational model, that encourages teachers’ ongoing training and the creation of an international learning community for innovation where knowledge is shared and generated.

Entitled The Changing Ends and Paradigm for Education in the World, Prensky stated that the most pressing challenge for the education sector at this time is to adapt our children’s education to the continuous changes we are facing.

According to the expert, many have realised that the education being received by young people today no longer prepares them for the future, meaning the curriculum should be enriched with 21st century skills, new technology and emotional intelligence. However, according to Prensky, the bulk of the curriculum continues to be made up of traditional maths, languages, sciences and social sciences. Therefore, he has urged us to re-imagine the future of education and for us to take into account the capacity of change of our students.


‘If we don’t, we will be arresting their development and seriously limiting their future potential’, he said.

Marc Prensky is an acclaimed international education consultant. He is renowned for his practical vision that he coined as a digital native and digital immigrant, he is author of seven books and has given talks in over 40 countries. He has published over 100 articles and essays in journals such as Educational Leadership, Educause, Edutopia and Educational Technology. His work has been translated into 11 languages.

Marc Prensky will take part in the upcoming World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) on 28 February, where the President of SEK Educational Group, Nieves Segovia, will also take part.

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